Plastic Surgeons

Plastic SurgeonsThere are several places to start looking for reputable plastic surgeons to perform your implant surgery. A reputable plastic surgeon will belong to one or more of the many organizations of cosmetic surgeons, and will be board certified. Take your time in selecting your implant surgeon, as this is a major decision and you want to select a plastic surgeon that will give you exactly what you want, explain the risks, be realistic about the results and recovery, and who also maintains a reputable practice. A reputable plastic surgeon will be able to show you other implant surgeries they have done and answer any questions you might have.

Talk to friends and family that have had cosmetic or implant surgeries in the past, they will be able to tell you if their implant surgeon is reputable or not. There are also message boards and online discussions that you can use to research and find a reputable implant surgeon.

Beverly Hills in California has the most plastic surgeons per capita of anywhere else in the United States. Not surprisingly, they have the most number of procedures performed there was well. Plastic surgeons are numerous in Beverly Hills and places like it, but you still need to select a reputable surgeon.

Reality TV shows like Dr. 90210 follow the lives and practices of several real-life plastic surgeons in Beverly Hills. Dr. 90210 is a cutting-edge drama that gives audiences a peek into the glamorous world of plastic surgeons and the real scoop on the implant surgeries they perform; with a cast of reputable plastic surgeons like Dr. Robert Rey, Dr. Will Kirby, Dr. Jason Diamond, and Dr. Linda Li.

Nip Tuck is another show about the pampered, beautiful, and sometimes not-so-beautiful life of plastic surgeons. Nip Tuck isn’t a reality show, but instead a medical drama following the life of fictional doctors Sean MacNamara and Christian Troy. Nip Tuck is well known for its graphic depictions of the implant surgeries they show, as well as violence, crude language, and sex.