Cosmetic Dental, Oral & Facial

Breast augmentation is possibly the most well-known of the cosmetic implant procedures, but there are several other cosmetic implant procedures that focus on dental, oral, and facial areas. Dental, oral, and facial areas are parts of the body that many people feel self-conscious about or wish they looked differently in. Dental implant procedures can include implanting dentures, caps, or even grills. Collagen implants help increase the size of the lips, and Botox implants help smooth away wrinkles. Nose jobs often include a little bit of implant surgery as well.

Dentures are devices designed to replace a patients teeth that are missing for whatever reason. Age is a common cause for this particular cosmetic dental implant. Many senior citizens have opted to replace the teeth that have fallen out do to age or neglect with dentures. This is a cosmetic implant, just like caps are. Caps and crowns serve a similar purpose to dentures, but this particular cosmetic dental implant covers existing teeth that may have been cracked or chipped, or replaces one or two missing teeth where denture implants replace entire sets of teeth. Some people opt for a cosmetic implant of another kind. Made famous by hip hop producer Paul Wall, a grill is a dental cosmetic implant usually consisting of gold or other precious metal, or precious gems. The grill is implanted over the teeth, and is essentially a piece of unique jewelry for the mouth.

Collagen implants are injections of collagen into a person’s lips. The desired result is a set of full, pouty lips that many people find desirable. Angelina Jolie is often mentioned as a model for the end result of this cosmetic oral implant, an actress well known for her soft voluptuous lips.

Botox, and other facial implants like it, is an injection into the dermal and subdermal layers of the skin surrounding the face, usually at the forehead, around the eyes and mouth, and cheeks. The idea behind this cosmetic facial implant is to reduce the visible lines and wrinkles that form in the skin and are a sign of old age. Botox had a falling out when people started realizing that it was essentially a military-grade toxin that was being implanted in their skin, but some still swear by it or one of the other cosmetic facial implants that have the same affect.

Nose jobs are right behind breast implants in popularity, and while some nose jobs take away from the structure of the original nose, there are some instances where an implant procedure is used to build up or re-define areas of the patient’s nose.

These are just some of the dental, oral, and facial cosmetic implants available to those trying to look and feel younger or change the way they look or even feel about themselves.